Steven Colborne

Author, Blogger, and Musician in London

Steven Colborne

Author, Blogger, and Musician in London

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Could it be that the reason why the world is more corrupt than in the days of Noah is that people have stopped being mindful of God?

I'm Steven and I'm the author of fifteen books in the philosophical theology genre. The aim of my writing is to restore interest in God to societies around the world so that we all take heed of the true reason why God created us:

“I created jinn and mankind only to worship me"

(Surah 51:56, The Qur'an)

By thinking deeply about the central questions of philosophy and theology, we can come to know that God exists and become enthused about the immense significance of His revelations for our lives.

You can browse and purchase my books here. Read from over 400 articles I have written on my blog. For something a little lighter, check out my music. And you can sign up for my newsletter with a click on the blue button above. God bless you and peace be with you.

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Steven has a fascinating and knowledgable perspective on all things related to spirituality.
David Robertson, Author
It is stimulating to engage the author's arguments and their implications as he is very well read and articulate.
David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer Magazine
Steven's approachable, articulate writing style compliments his thought-provoking discussions and invites deep conversation.
April Shipton, Musician