Sir Steven Nicholas Colborne

Independent Personal Counsellor in London

Sir Steven Nicholas Colborne

Independent Personal Counsellor in London

Hi everyone!

I'm Sir Steven Nicholas Colborne of Abingdon.

I have a particularly high calling on my life, thanks to the grace and mercy of God!

I have led a colourful and vibrant life and I hope to enjoy a future of blessing and abundance every day and in every way.

I'm very proud to be British, but I also have Dutch heritage, and I am truly a global player!

I'm currently employed as a Personal Independent Counsellor in Balham in South London.

To discuss booking an appointment, please email [email protected] with a little information about yourself.

Alternatively, you can write to me at:

Flat B

5 Cornford Grove


SW12 9JE

Outside of work (as well as in work!) I'm passionate about religion, philosophy, music, and of course nature and animals! I also have experience with various types of suffering, and have worked in numerous roles (both paid and voluntarily). In terms of counselling, my specialism is currently ‘mirroring’. This involves offering deep and profound experiences in line with the particular needs and desires of my clients.

I'm the author of fifteen books, most notably 'God's Grand Game', ‘Christianity, Islam, and the One True God’, and the four book compilation ‘Puppets’.

My calling for the future is to establish a multifaith church.

I consider myself very accomplished, but we are always growing and learning, and God seems to be telling me I need to get better at golf! ;-)

I'm a friendly, approachable, and personable guy so if you'd like to find out more about me do feel free to email or write any time. I'm also keen to learn about what drives and motivates you, and on working with you to create a better world!

Change starts in the heart of each individual, and you and I can make an especially big difference if we work together. So please, feel free to get in touch.

I love you and want the very best for you.

Sir Steven Nicholas Colborne
G-D of Earth