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Tealight Ministries​

"For the public benefit, the establishing of a multifaith charity in the London Borough of Wandsworth, which will engage in a variety of ministries (including worship services, debates, counselling, music, and publishing) in order to facilitate spiritual development and healing and to be a welcoming community for all who are interested in interfaith dialogue and progressive spirituality."

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An Evening of Interfaith Spirituality

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Friday, 2nd June 2023

St Mary's Church, Balham

7pm - 10pm | £10

Bringing together speakers representing each of the three major Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), this evening of theological discussion promises to be both spiritually nourishing and intellectually stimulating. Speakers will discuss their answer to the question: "Is God three persons?" — a question which has traditionally provoked strong disagreement in interfaith dialogue. This event is open to members of the public representing any of the many faith communities in South West London.


Steven Colborne is a philosopher and author and the founder of Tealight Ministries. Educated at the University of Westminster and the University of London, Colborne has written more than a dozen books discussing interfaith issues, with a focus on Christianity and Islam.

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